after few years i found this site,i love USN i have lot of vinyls,and we from play soo many yours track! thanks for all speedcore track,you are a only one original speedcore! greetz From Slovakia Rob2Speed

Added: November 4, 2018

Für immer in meinem Herzen.... Danke für so viele geniale Stunden voller Raserei und brachialem Bassgewitter......

Added: December 5, 2017

Wat jij wil

Added: December 1, 2017

I heared some good news hope it's true

Added: August 10, 2017

This is where the legends of Speedcore were!!

Added: June 9, 2017

UNITED SPEEDCORE NATION!! Excellent German Speedcore

Added: March 27, 2017

Maybe a rude question... Can I download all USN releases somewhere? Other than that... Thankz for the music you people brought me... I only discoverd it when I was 14 sadly... (in 2014)

Added: March 6, 2017

Step Into The Light Very Nice sound

Added: November 28, 2016

Thanks for keeps this source alive for old and new listeners of classic, pure and true speedcore. all the best. regards from argentina

Added: September 9, 2015

Thanks so much for this!!

Added: May 15, 2015


Added: March 19, 2015

danke jungs

Added: January 28, 2014

Never thought to see speedcore heads in Nijmegen... Greets, Mook

Added: December 22, 2013

USN! Speedcore 4 Life! Greets, Nijmegen

Added: October 18, 2013

Anc speedfolter all-time favorite!! Speedcore is timeless! Cheers strait outta Melbourne Ozzie

Added: September 27, 2013
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